Hi, just wondering how can I just use the button in the toolbar, without rending the toolbar but only using the stylesheet for the button. Seems the nice CSS button is missing from the whole suite.



A buttons inside the toolbar is specially constructed html elements, not the styled native html buttons. So it not possible to use the same styling for standalone html controls.

So are we going to add the button to the lib in future? Thanks

We have not plans to create a custom wrappers for buttons , but we are planning to provide an extra stylesheet, which will change look of native buttons and inputs similar to the other elements of the skinned view. ( so custom form elements will have same theme as dhtmlx components )

That will be great, exactly what we are after. Any hints about the timeframe to release the new stylesheet? Thanks

There is no exact release date, but I think it will be released with the skin-builder , which is planned on first week of October.
If you need it earlier , you can contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com - we can send the related update before official release,once beta version will be ready.

Great, thx.