Buttons out of the lightbox unclickable


I have buttons acting on the opened lightbox’s event. But they are under the translucid div and it is not possible to click on it.
However they are on the z_index max…
Is there any solutions?

If not, is there solutions to remove them to right of the the first up section (title) on the lightbox?

Thank you.

Picture is better…

Somebody could help me?


It possible to disable the modality layer of lightbox, so user will be able to click any buttons outside of the lightbox.

.dhx_cal_cover{ z-index: -1; }

Thank you.

That seems to be good but with that style, the div disappear but buttons, usually clickable without the lightbox, are still unclickable.
However I’ve also tried with z-index:500 for that ghost DIV and z-index:501 and more for buttons…

Is that div desactivate all the screen?

In fact, I’ve suppressed this.show_cover() in the js .
And the problem is still occurring… So that DIV is not responsible for that.

Is there any function disactivating clicks on the page behind the lightbox when running it?

Sorry, I forget to initialize the browser to refresh the js file.
It’s running with complete suppress of the show and hide function.
I just have to create my own transparent DIV on_lightbox…

Thank you!!!