c# serverside add formdata to MS SQL 2008


I’m looking for a ASP.NET C# script to store data to my MS SQL 2008 database

vault.setFormField(“commissionbatch”, “week1batch1”);
vault.setFormField(“commissionmonth”, “5”);

How to add this to my MS SQL database after it have been upload ?

Database Table
UploadID = int
Commissionbatch = varchar(100)
Commissionmonth = int
Filename = varchar(250)

you should add code to the UploadHandler.ashx, method ProcessRequest to the very end of it something like string commissionbatch = context.Request["commissionbatch"]; ...

You can try the following url asp.net-informations.com/data-pr … nquery.htm it will insert data into sql server from asp.net.


I have used this C# ASP.NET barcode generator library. You may take a look. I may be the one you want. That barcode generator is not bad. It allows users to create more than 20 barcode types in C# ASP.NET. What’s more, you can easily adjust the parameters of the created barcode by following the barcode image settings guide in C#.

thank you fro sharing your barcode generator library, here i have one barcode c# generating application i’d like you take a look. it is powerful enough to create all types of barcodes, such as QR code barcodes, EAN-13 and so on. it is easy to add data to the database in this way.

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so many resources here! thanks for you guys

You can put your data to a barcode, then use a ASP.NET barcode generator to generate barcode in your SQL 2008 database. or use .NET Barcode Generator for SQL directly.