Caching of attachChildCombo calls ?

i have following issue :

  • on my page, i can have multiple (20 or so) dhtmlxCombos, always to bind two together as parent and child.
  • all combos are XML initiated, as it takes dynamic data from database
  • to be able to display this kind of form and fill with default values, i need to open the page, read XML for each parent combo, initialise it, set the value (to show the form as it was filled before) … this will cause child combo to start loading data (via attachChildCombo ) and then I need to set the values of child combos

you see, when I have let say 10 rows, each two combos, it means 20 XML requests to the server. I was able to reduce the parent combo requests to just 1 by calling ajax function to load the XML into variable, and then using “loadXMLString”. But, im missing this feature on child combos, is there ANY way how to cache the XML loaded (because several child combos are using the same XML, let say for 10 rows I need only like 2-3 XML definitions) for the children combos ?

Thank you


in this case, you may use onChange event instead of child combo feature :

/event is called when selected value is combo is changed/
/selected value/
var value = this.getActualValue();

/reloading combo/