Follow-up to previous question. When using the calendar with an input field, I would like to be able to close the calendar without selecting a date (either by close button or clicking anywhere else in window) and I would also like to be able to clear the input field completely (perhaps a small ‘clear’ link at bottom of calendar). Thanks

v.1.0 built 80205 (js file attached) supports Esc key for closing Calendar opened from input field. You also can control visibility of Calndar with show and hide methods, so untill we add support for header with close button into calendar you can probably do the following: add onclick event handler to the body and close all calendars when it occurs. (11 KB)

Thanks, your reply only covers the first part of my query. What about the ‘clear’ option? Cheers.

There is no clear option for now. You can implement it as additional external functionality - like additional button near calndar input field. This option will be added into calendar with next release.