Calculation of start_time instead of end_time


I have a issue-tracking project going on, and would like to implement Gantt.

So far I managed to render everything correctly but now I’m in trouble for editing as my project is based on estimated time ( duration ) and deadline ( end_date ) of an issue.

Is there a way to let the task / issue be dependent on the end_date and duration of that issue? I would actually need to calculate the start date like you can do with calculateDeadline.

Popeye Ciryk


Technically, it’s possible to realize, but we almost didn’t use such functionality previously.
The Gantt Chart allows loading data only with duration and end_date. … gtaskdates
Use method “calculateEndDate” passing to it the end_date and negative duration for calculating start_date. … ddate.html
You also need to change lightbox. Set the value end_date in field for start_date and calculate task srart_date after saving lightbox. … properties