Calendar and chart

When I display calendar and chart on the same page.
Calendar and chart doesn’t show anything all .
i attached file and refer to calendar.htm and calendar1.htm
Can you give me help?
Thank you.

pageLoad() function that creates calendar and chart is not called. Try to call it to see chart and calendar

when I add our real project,
it happen errors like th below.
if (xml && ( xml.firstChild && xml.firstChild.tagName != “parsererror”) )
return xml;
//parsing as string resolves incorrect content type
//regexp removes whitespaces before xml declaration, which is vital for FF
var a=this.from_string(text.responseText.replace(/^[\s]+/,"")); =====>errors if (a) return a;

	dhtmlx.error("xml can't be parsed",text.responseText);

I guess It’s related to order of the the control like grid/common/chart/calendar.
is there any order of it I know?
please help me asap.
Thank you.

Regading the order:

  1. dhtmlxcommon.js goes first
  2. then libraries of other components
  3. dhtmlxchart.js needs being last.

We need the completed demo if the problem is not resolved.