Calendar and IE select

on IE6 selectboxes under the calendar will not be hidden and you see the selectboxes in the calender.

is there a way to fix this?

Which version of dhtmlxcalendar are you using?
The original version of dhtmlxcalendar has ������ workaround for such situation and must show correctly.
If problem occurs for you with latest code - please provide any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed.

this is version 80319: … alization/

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one. (11.9 KB)

the direct initialization to input field works now but only there. Look at example and try the cal button … alization/

Strange, but mentioned sample works correctly, when checked from our side.
Are you using native IE6 installation , or some tesing tool as IE Tester?

There is a known incompatibility with IE tester, while the same page loads correctly in native IE6 it really throws an error in case of loading it through IE Tester.

the IE has version 6.0.2900.2180 on Win XP SP2!
See attachment

I can confirm that I’m experiencing the same issue in IE6.

Please try to use latest version ( attached to post ) (12.1 KB)

doesn’t work!
See … alization/
Problem caused by the way how calendar used, instead of direct DOM manipulation you must use show and hide methods of calendar. (2.2 KB)