Calendar as a form field date format issue

I use the following XML to create a data entry field

However, when I send this for to the server the calendar value is formatted differently. For example, a date value displayed properly according to the specified dateFormat as “2012-10-22 16:38:27” would be submitted to the server as “Mon Oct 22 2012 16:38:27 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)”.

Is there any way to specify date format for submission?


  1. how you submit form? (provide codeline)
  2. if serverdateFormat not set, dateFormat will used (in your sample it not set)

please download latest form version and try or provdie completed demo,
I will update your form then if update needed

Hi Andrei,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I use the following code to submit the form:
this.send(“url”, “post”, function(xml) { … });

Unfortunately I can not provide you with a url to try this out since it is an intranet application behind company’s firewall. I am currently running on Suite enterprise version 3.0 and will be upgrading shortly to the latest one. In the mean time if you could provide with any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi, vladcmc
For providing us completed demo you don’t need to share hole project. You can make the same situation using calendar separatelly, just for reprodusing your issue.