Calendar behind flash


I use the double calendar on a page, but the problem is that the calendar disappears behind a flash movie that’s also on the page.

How can I force the calender to show up in front of the flash movie?



You can try to increase z-index of calendar


background: url(imgs/cal_bg_single.gif) no-repeat;
border: 0px solid green;
font-family: Arial;
z-index:99; // try to increase with value, set 9999 for example

I already tried to increase the z-index, but that didn’t work. I’m using a double calendar in a report. The dbl calendar is on top of the page, created as a

. The style is set to absolute, so when the user clicks on an icon, the calendar opens under two input fields.
Like you have in your live demo on the dhtmlxCalendar page.
Under these fields there is a flash object and the calendar is always behind this flash object. I even tried to decrease the z-index of the flash object, but that doesn"t work either.

I know there was a bug in IE6 where dhtml objects moved behind some form elements. But that’s  not the case here. The calender shows in front of boxes. And the problem of appearing behind flash objects is also in IE7.

Ok, I solved the problem.
Standard, the wmode parameter of a flash movie is set to “window”. This gives problems with dhtml layers. The flash movie will always appear in front of dhtml layers, even if you change the z-indexes.
I just changed it to .

This solved the problem. Now the calendar shows up in front of the flash movie.