Calendar Behind Modal Window


I saw this post: … d%20Behind

which is exactly the problem we are experiencing, but it does not look like anyone has replied to the final comment.

Can you please review this and let us know if you experience the issue? We also have it working on a page, but clicking the box to open the calendar in the modal window, the calendar is popping up behind any and all open windows.

We have tried setting the z-index for this with no success.



calendar z-index can be increased in the css. For yahoolike skin:

.dhtmlxcalendar_yahoolike {

But if calendar is attached to input, it is necessary to locate the necessary line in the dhtmlxcalendar.js:

zIndex = 101;

and replace 101 value with some bidder number (999 for example)

if the issue isn’t solved, please provide any sample that allows to recreate it.