Calendar: Corrupted Nov 2008, plus iframe on IE6

Dear Support Group, I am using calendar and getting into two problems:

1) November 2008 is corrupted on FF and IE6 - only few dates displayed (as well as some other months in future years… )

2) IE6 has an issue - displaying unknown iframe when calendar is populated.

myCal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(‘calendar’, false, {isYearEditable: true,isMonthEditable: true});    

myCal .setSkin(“Windows Vista”);



Please help.

myCal .setSkin(“Windows Vista”);
must be

Which version of dhtmlxCalendar are you using , if not latest one - please update to dhtmlxCalendar 2.0 - none of reported problems reconstructable with it.

vista does not change anything. . .

we are using dhtmlxCalendar 2.0 from the DHTMLXSuite

Please check attached sample, it uses the same code and codebase from 2.0 release - all works correctly. (52 KB)