Calendar Data Sometimes not loaded - run condition?

Hello everybody,

we have a script using the scheduler.
In this script we load events from two datasources. statix XML and dynamic xml.

The static xml File is a file with public holidays , the other file loads our events.

The problem is: sometimes holidays are loaded, sometimes not.


scheduler.load(staticurl + "/GUI/mm2/javascript/Calendar/source/codebase/common/events.xml?uid=" + scheduler.uid());

scheduler.load(dynamicurl + "?OID=DIRECT_ICRS.module.calendar.taskcalendarxml\&queryuseraccesswrite_ID=" + user + "\&querytop_ID=" + raum + "\&queryname="+queryname+"&VIEW=BUILD\&uid=" + scheduler.uid(),getMyReccuringEvents);

Even if we exchange the files, holidays are loaded randomly.

Are there any known runtime conditions when loading two sources or static xml files?

thanks in advance


a) try to use … le_sources

b) be sure that ids in both files are unique. If the same id will be used in both files - scheduler will paint only one event.