Calendar date not formatting correctly


I am having trouble with date formatting when sending values from a form to the datastore and grid. I have looked at the other posts but none of proposed patches seem to fix the problem.

I have tried the new.rar from one post with no success and also the again with no success.

Attached are the above along with a reproducible example

This is driving me crazy :angry: Please help!!
example.rar (360 KB)
new.rar (28.6 KB) (317 KB)

Anyone? :confused:


Please try attached file.
dhtmlx.rar (109 KB)

Yes!! It’s working now :smiley:

Any chance I can get the changes at source (similar to the attachments) so that I can rebuild my single dhtmlx.js as required.

Also, can I assume that the patches I have used (attached to original message) have been superseded?


attach demo with sources, I’l fix corresponding file.

Hi Andrei,

New example attached.

Thanks again for your help!
example2.rar (2.12 MB)

Hi Andrei,

Apologies, but it appears you have a newer release of the standard version which I have just downloaded.

The problem still persists but please use this attachment as it contains the latest version of the suite from your website.
example.part2.rar (513 KB)
example.part1.rar (2 MB)


Both files in archive fixed. You can use any.
ds.rar (28.2 KB)

Cheers - you’re a star!! :slight_smile: