calendar dates when parsing data

I’m confused with the tutorials to get started.

There is one example of
var events = [
{id:1, text:“Meeting”, start_date:“04/11/2013 14:00”,end_date:“04/11/2013 17:00”},
{id:2, text:“Conference”,start_date:“04/15/2013 12:00”,end_date:“04/18/2013 19:00”},
{id:3, text:“Interview”, start_date:“04/24/2013 09:00”,end_date:“04/24/2013 10:00”}

Which works fine, but I would need to change the date formats to: 2017-01-13 6:00.

Another tutorial example shows in parse: … parse.html
{ start_date:“2013-05-13 6:00”, end_date:“2009-05-13 8:00”, text:“Event 1”},
{ start_date:“2013-06-09 6:00”, end_date:“2009-06-09 8:00”, text:“Event 2”}

which doesn’t work for me, and I would like this to work in this format for everything. How can I set the json strings with that format so I can then run it through scheduler.parse()?


You need to set required date format to xml_date config: … onfig.html