Calendar dosen't work in Chrome

Your sample page of Calendar and my calendar code don’t work in Chrome

But they work well in I.E

is it my browser’s problem?

What exactly sample? … .html#code

this page code didn’t work
but… now it works well in chrome and I.E

anyway same problem occur in my sources

i used your calendar with input tag

it works well in Internet Explorer but it doesn’t work in Chrome

i don’t know why this problem occur

To inspect your issue locally we need completed demo with steps how to reproduce it … pport.html

Same issue here. … input.html
is not working in Chrome 37. Windows 8 (v 6.2.9200).
No JS error displayed.

¿Something I can do to offer some insights?

It works fine in same Windows with IE.


could you please specify step-by-step how to reproduce? touch or click? screenshots?

Same issue here…

Here is how to reproduce:
Use a touchscreen device (in my case: Surface Pro 3 with Win 8.1)

If you do the same in Internet Explorer, the calendar is shown as expected.

Hello, f3rland
Try attached update (948 KB)

In Chrome, testing the calendar from here: … .html#code

When the tab key is pressed to advance to the next field, the calendar is not shown.

Hi, bmcgin
Please, paste yout link in special hyperlink tag - it is broken

The link is:

Put the cursor in the first field, then press the tab key to advance to the 2nd field. The calendar in field 1 should close and open in field 2.

It is correct behaviour, because native input’s events are onclick and ontouchstart. It will not react on tab movement.

Would there be an issue with it being moved to onFocus()?

We will add this functionality in TODO list. But it si low priority feature, that is why can’t say you about production terms

Super! I know the feeling, I get a ton of these types of requests too.

You are welcome! :slight_smile: