Calendar: How to localize the "cancel" button


topic says it all: i’m currently trying to localize a calendar instance and i’m failing to localize the “cancel” Button that appears if you click on the header, switching from month-view to year view.

I have found this example:

but the Button is not localited there too :frowning:

My currently localized components in dhx6:

    months: ['Январь','Февраль','Март','Апрель','Май','Июнь','Июль','Август','Сентябрь','Октябрь','Ноябрь','Декабрь'],
    monthsShort: ['Янв','Фев','Мар','Апр','Май','Июн','Июл','Авг','Сен','Окт','Ноя','Дек'],
    days: ['Воскресенье','Понедельник','Вторник','Среда','Четверг','Пятница','Суббота'],
    daysShort: ['Вс','Пн','Вт','Ср','Чт','Пт','Сб'],
    cancel: 'Отменить'

dhx.i18n.setLocale('combobox', {'notFound': ''});

dhx.i18n.setLocale('timepicker', {hours: 'Часы', minutes: 'Минуты', save: 'Сохранить'});

dhx.i18n.setLocale('message', {apply: 'Ok', reject: 'Отмена'});
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wow. Thank you very much for this fast and correct answer!

Is this anywhere documented? I have only found:

and “cancel” is not mentioned there. Is there any other source for this kind of information?

Browser’s developer tools is your best friend, as usual :wink: