Calendar in 2.1 works fine, but not in 2.5 91111?

When I click to bring the calendar up, it doesn’t display unless I move the mouse around. If I keep the mouse still, it won’t show up.

In version 2.1, it worked fine, and I didn’t have to move the mouse to get it to show up properly.

The 2.5 version displays “Calendar Header” instead of the actual title. (set with winTitle)

The box is also displayed outside of the original one.

Is there any sample that demonstrates the problem ?

I figured out some of the issues (one of our css files is messing things up)

Theres another issue though. The calendar is toggled on and off by using a hyperlink
<a href="javascript:someFunc(); id = “cal1”>Cal1</a href>

someFunc calls show on the calendar… It will show up if I put an alert in someFunc. When I take the alert out, the calendar does not show up unless I move the mouse around.

Attached an example, the first link will work but the second one won’t. (678 Bytes)

It would be more correct to use the following:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick=";(event||arguments[0]).cancelBubble=true">Show</a>

Thanks, that seemed to fix the issue.

There is also an issue with our stylesheets messing up the display of the calendar. Is there a way to have it just use the settings in the Calendar CSS?

Our CSS has styles for:
BR, H1 - H5, FORM

Calendar contains divs and tables. Therefore your TH, TD, TR and DIV styles can affect to calendar style.

Think the last issue I have is, when the calendar is shown and the text box is empty, the calendar brings up

“Undefined NAN”

Here is an example: … ormat.html

Empty the calendar date box, then hit set. I’d prefer it to be the current date instead of that.

Originally, in 2.1, it would bring up the current date.

Try to use the attached file instead of the original one to solve the problem (12.9 KB)