Calendar in a grid control

Hi All.

I am using a calendar in a grid control.

You can see I am setting a global images directory.

Samples of client and xml code below.

I have everything working except the calendar control is not displaying any image buttons.

It is also defaulting to 1 jan 1970.

And using the wrong date format.


How do I tell it to use “%d %b %Y” as a date format when its being called from within a grid?

How do I get it to use the date in the cell as the starting point when it is displayed.

And how do i get it to use my standard ("/ASPENv4/imgs") directory to pull its imgs from!

Or are the img’s for the calendar not in the you get with the commercial version?

Thanks in advance.

Sample client


var dhxLayout;

var dhxInLayout;

var dhxGrid;

var dhxTree;

var dhxStatus;

var dp;

var dhxMenu;


window.dhx_globalIconPath = “/ASPENv4/imgs/”;

var cur_Window = “gr_Default”;

var cur_Grid;

function OnLoad(){

    //Main Window

    dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “3L”);

    dhxLayout.cells(“a”).setText(“Main Menu”);




    dhxInLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(dhxLayout.cells(“a”), “2E”);





//Status Bar

    dhxStatus = dhxLayout.attachStatusBar();


    //Main Menu

    dhxMenu = dhxLayout.attachMenu();


    //Main edit bar


//Main Grid

dhxGrid = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachGrid();





//Nav Tree

dhxTree = dhxInLayout.cells(“b”).attachTree();


dhxTree.setIconPath = (“imgs/”);




//Pre-Load the grid

LoadGrid("./engine/get_T_XML_list.asp?CompanyID=<%=CompanyID%>&PO=Mine", “gr_Tasks”);

//Now set up the editable grid.

dp = new dataProcessor("./Engine/updGrid.asp?CompanyID=<%=CompanyID%>&SID=<%=session.sessionID%>")

//dp = new dataProcessor("./Engine/updGrid(test).asp?CompanyID=<%=CompanyID%>&SID=<%=session.sessionID%>")





dp.defineAction(“error”, dpError);

dp.defineAction(“error”, dpDebug);

//specify transaction method - POST or GET (default is GET)



Sample Server xml




Issue No


Next Date


Next Action



Tony Zdraveski

Bruce Lock

Mitul Patel

Frankie Dib

Judi Baker

Annie Harper

John Sestan





New Issue
















              Bruce Lock

                 Thu 14 May 2009 3:38PM




                    Received Machines.



              Tony Zdraveski

                 Thu 14 May 2009 3:45PM




From:    Annie Harper []
Sent:    Wednesday, 6 May 2009 4:17 PM
Cc:    ‘Frankie Dib (Frankie Dib)’;

Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 4:07 PM

Subject: 2nds World Online- Print Plus Setup

Dear Annie

Further to my earlier emails to Alvin & Frankie, we are now getting closer to the point of getting live with our Online Website.

For this reason, we need to put into motion the configuring of a Print Plus Server and document template changes for 2nds World Online Business.

The document headers for the 2nds World Online Entity are to have only the Head Office Address, which will be the Online Base.

Frankie has already set up the Online Entity(7) & Warehouse(1) in Business Edge.

As done in the case of Caringbah set up, I would like Unisoft to configure a PC with P+ and ship it to us.

I am attaching a draft sketch of a typical document header and footer for the Online P+ server and will appreciate if this can be formatted and sent back for our review.

Please contact Chris Durlacher for any clarification on the wording/format of this attached document or let me know if there are any broader issues.

We are looking at going live with 2nds World Penrith in late June early July 2009 and will be in touch about licenses and P+ setup. We will be ear marked Entity 5 ( previously 2nds World Arncliffe) for this setup.

Please let me know the cost estimates for the job

Jai Narayan CA

Financial Controller

2nds World Group

Ph.02-9909 0100

Mob.0414 355572



              Tony Zdraveski

                 Thu 14 May 2009 3:46PM




           cc: bcc:
Received box’s today.




              Tony Zdraveski

                 Thu 14 May 2009 3:57PM




hi guys,

Just a note to let you know th at I have emailed Alvin requesting his time for assistance in 2nds World Print plus install.

I need a current mobile number for Alvin if either of you do not have it please advise where I can get this from.




              Bruce Lock

                 Fri 15 May 2009 6:16PM




                    FYI � The Print+ templates for the online stores are ready for dispatch.

Frankie :

� The entire config is located on Artemis under /u/printplus_dev/tbeprint.second/

� TBE report maps will need to be setup, refer to /u/printplus_dev/tbeprint.second/etc/tbeprint.conf file

o eg. Online � Invoice = rptWebInvoice

� We will also need clarification from Alvin on the following items:

o Installing Perl modules on Linux

o Configuring and deploying Fax and Email functionality for Print+ (on the Linux OS Level)

Kind Regards,
Mitul Patel
Numara Software Australia
Suite 1, 651 Canterbury Road
Surrey Hills, VIC 3127



              Bruce Lock

                 Fri 15 May 2009 7:01PM




          ;; bcc:
Hi Gents,

Unfortunately I am out of Melbourne on Sunday, and I am trying to ensure I have a complete list of questions to ask Alvin when he comes in.

Mitul has suggested:

- Installing Perl modules on Linux
- Configuring and deploying Fax and Email functionality for Print+ (on the Linux OS Level)

Further I would like to know:
- Why was the perl scripts not ported to SUSE?
- Why was SUSE chosen?

Tony would Like to Know:
- Can we re-direct fax services from the Auburn printer to another state while we fix this issue?

I am sure there are a million other questions!

Please feel free to crank out as many as you can think of.

Best regards



              Bruce Lock

                 Fri 15 May 2009 7:03PM




Hi Mitul,

Thanks for letting us know about those images for seconds world, will save us a lot of time!

Are all system configs stored in that location?

How do I organise myself a log on to the network to view things? or is that my job? 8)

Best Regards



              Bruce Lock

                 Wed 20 May 2009 10:19AM




                    Print server images are kept.

Server images //artemis/u/printplus_dev



              Bruce Lock

                 Tue 26 May 2009 5:59PM




                    Server Tested today with Suiming, need to add IP addresses of new site nad templates to suite in order to ship



              Tony Zdraveski

                 Tue 2 Jun 2009 12:20PM




                    Received Email from Jai at 2nds World, he advises that he weill get back to me with IP adresses and gateway for Penrith store as soon as it is available from his IT consultants. PC will be sitting here waiting for these details and will then be updated and sent out.


Set up Print server for Penrith.

16 May 2009

2nds World

Client will call to organise installation

Bruce Lock




I have everything working except the calendar control is not displaying any image buttons.
Your codebase\imgs\ folder should contain __dhxCal_skin_Yahoolike folder from the dhtmlxCalendar package. (dhtmlxCalendar\codebase\imgs__dhxCal_skin_Yahoolike)
>>It is also defaulting to 1 jan 1970
You have to define date format using set setDateFormat() method which availible in PRO version only. You can find more information about formating date values here … ormatcells

Hi All.

I have the PRO version.

That worked just fine thanks.