Calendar in IFrame

Hi forum,

I made a lot of customizations of the dhtmlxscheduler. It works absolutely perfect outside an IFrame. But inside an IFrame it does only load when I resize the browser window. So I tried to raise the resize event by JavaScript. Here is the code of the parent page…



And here some code from the child page…

scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(),"month"); scheduler.load("events.xml"); //Nothing of the following helps :-( document.fireEvent("onresize"); window.onresize(); window.fireEvent('onresize'); scheduler.onSchedulerResize();

Does anybody know the solution?


Most probably, on moment of scheduler’s initialization, iframe don’t have yet any positive sizes. ( it has zero width or height, and as result - scheduler has zero sizes as well )

You can try to add style string to iframe tag, with fixed sizes

<iframe style='width:800px; 600px;' ...

Hi Stanislav,

I can see the border of the IFrame. The width and height is definitely not 0. The content is white until the resize event.


Our IT department has solved the problem with the magical resizeTo command…

function init() { window.resizeTo(800,600); ... scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(),"week"); ... }