[CALENDAR] Invalid Calendar behaviour in internet explorer 6

Even when trying your example (Sample: dhtmlxCalendar onClick event handler)

i receive error in ie6 saying something like “Line 58 Error: ‘null’ is empty or is not an object” after clicking on calendar…

I have Microsoft Script Debugger installed

I am using ie6 from multipleIE pack

Error does not show in IE7, FF, Safari and Opera

Unfortunately issue can’t be reconstructed locally, the same sample works fine in case of IE6 while tested from our side.
Can you please check the problematic situation from another PC, problem may be caused by some specific of you IE6 installation.

Issue confirmed on ie6 from multipleIEs pack and different computer, however it actually works on pure IE6 :confused: Realllllllly weird…
It is not required for me to fix it then (who beside developers use multipleIEs ???), but if you could just have a look I would be glad.

You can download MultipleIE’s from brothersoft.com/multipleies- … 65065.html or many other sites