Calendar is not visible

how can i set a relative position for a calendar attached to input field?

i need to setPosition to ‘top’ … i dont need absolute position

i attached a print screen to describe my issue … the calendar doesn’t show completely

thank you =)

Additional data

im working with dhtmlxSuite V3.5

By default the calendar should arise OVER the dhtmlxWindow and other area of the window of the browser (judging by your img the calendar opens incorrectly). We need to see your code. Please, make and attach the completed demo. … leted_demo

Is there any findings on this problem? I am encountering the same problem with the calendar version 3.0. I looked at the DHTMLXCalendar.js and couldn’t find where it open the calendar on top instead of always default to the bottom. I would appreciate if any one can give me some pointers to get around this problem.

I think that the answer will be the same: we need to see your code and js files. Attach completed demo, please.