Calendar loads extremely slow

I’m using the WP plugin for an intranet site I recently moved from a closed network to an open hosting. It now loads extremely slow (about 30 seconds) after the page has loads fine around it.

Is this a known issue, and is there anything I can do to help speed it up? I can offer a temp login if someone would like to take a look.

Are there plans to update the WP plugin? I see the non-plugin version is on to 4.x, while the plugin remains at 3.0.

Plugin itself must not cause loading problems. It injects two files on the page ( js and css ) and may load data by one ajax call.

In your case it may be some url on the page that still points to local network. As it is not accessible from internet, it may cause such huge loading delay.

As for updating - unfortunately no, we do not plan to update plugins. There is no major issue in js code of Scheduler 3.x, version 4.x mostly adds new features.

I searched the page and found one random background css url left over from the old site. Removing that helped a lot! Thanks!