Calendar Localization

Dear DHTML Team.

I wish to add “dhxCalendar” type column to a grid with a localized calendar.

I’ve searched knowledge base all along, but I can’t find right way. so now I ask a question. :slight_smile:

By double click on dhxCalendar column, Calendar layer poped up. At that time, I want to change Year-month format of Calendar layer.

Currently calendar layer shows like “December 2008” while I want to change to “2008 12”. In other word, I wish to switch order of Year and Month of calendar’s current month. My client doesn’t used to “month - year” order.

How do I do that?

P.S. Surely I can modify DOM script of dhtmlxcalendar.js. But that might makes a problem when DHTMLX library upgraded.

Calendar allows to change the format of data used in input | output calls, or change the text labels used in grid, but there is no legal way to change structure of generated view.
The only possible way is code modification.
dhtmlxcalendar.js , line 722
need to be changed as

dhtmlxcalendar.js , line 742
need to be changed as