Calendar not displaying correctly in firefox

The popup calendar is not displaying correctly in firefox, the days buttons overlap the bottom of the popup window. Snapshots attached.

Also the simplegrey style of calendar is not displaying the left/right month buttons although if you click on the area where they should be - the month does change.

It looks as conflict with external CSS, which may redefine default font-sizes or something similar.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

I have made sure that the only stylesheets in the page are:

The problem goes away when I change the font size below from 10pt to 9pt:
.dhtmlxcalendar_yahoolike .dxcaldlabel td,
.dhtmlxcalendar_yahoolike .dxcaldays td,
.dhtmlxcalendar_yahoolike .dxcaldays_ie td{
font-size: 10pt;

So the problem is in the calculations for the window height for the size of the font being used.

Quite strange, but we will double-check locally to prevent such problems in future.