Calendar not working on Safari

Hi, somebody help me? I used something like this:

var dateEditorStart = { type: “date”, map_to: “start_date”, min: new Date(2018, 0, 1), max: new Date(2030, 0, 1) }; gantt.config.columns=[
{name:“start_date”, label:“Inicio”, align:“center”, min_width:90, editor: dateEditorStart, resize: true}

and on Firefox and Chrom works well but I have a problem on Safari, any Ideas?

Can I use dhtmlXCalendarObject? How?


Hello Juan,
Do you mean that the datepicker is not displayed, when you use the date inline editor like in the following snippet?
If yes, that is the expected behavior, because Gantt uses the HTML5 date input element:

So, it depends on the browser to show the datepicker. As you can see, Safari doesn’t support that element, so it doesn’t show the datepicker:

But, yes, you can use the DHTMLX Datepicker. Unfortunately, there is a bug with that component in Gantt 6.2.0: the inline editor is closed when you try to set the value in the DHTMLX Datepicker. But if you have an older version, it should work correctly. I cannot give you any ETA, but I will notify you when the bug is fixed.
Here is an example of how it might work in the old Gantt version:

Thanks but the example does not work well

Can you fix it?


Hello Juan,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Does it happen with the latest Safari version? Do you get the error message immediately after you open the snippet?
If not, could you record a video or give me the steps to reproduce the issue?