calendar position on grid

I am using the grid with a column for date. If I try to edit one of the two dates from the rows in the bottom part of my page, the calendar is opening under that cell, making me unable to select a proper date. I have attached a screen shot with this problem. What should I do to make the calendar to display correctly?

Does anyone have any idea of how to solve this issue? Thank you!

The calendar excell used in the grid is similar to the dhtmlxCalendar - so perhaps try the setPostition() method to change the default popup location. … dar_config

Current version of “dhxCalendar” cell works as designed. It doesn’t have functionality to display up when it placed at the bottom of the page. We will investigate if it can be fixed at the next version of dhtmlxGrid.


Is there any updates on this matter? I am using the latest PRO version and still having the same problem. Is there any config that I am missing?

You may change the position of the calendar.
For example:

mygrid.attachEvent("onCalendarShow", function(myCal,rId,colInd){ var cell = this.editor.cell; var pos = this.getPosition(cell); myCal.setPosition(pos[0],pos[1]-217) })