Calendar positioning and year select

Dear Team,

I’ve positioned a calendar (latest version of your component) on my site through a div. The background of the calendar is positioned correctly but the dates, etc, are not.

In my website’s stylesheet I use some ‘reset browser tags’, but even when I disable that the calendar doesn’t show correctly.

I tried a solution from this Knowledge Base:

.dhtmlxcalendar table {

margin: auto;


But this doesn’t work either.

How can I style a div container for the calendar to show correctly?

Another issue, which I think is related to this problem, is when I try to select a year with the dropdown, I can only click the dropdown once. When I hit the scroll down/up button the select list closes.

The last issue only occurs in IE8.

Could you please help me?

Best regards,

D. Koper


please provide the sample to reproduce the issue