calendar problem(IFRAME)

I found some problem with calendar. There was a iFrame for selectbox problem, but didn’t work.

The position of iFrame was wrong, but also IFrame didn’t have a alpha value.

So I modified the dhtmlxcalendar.js, and dhtmlxcalendar.css

check this out…

<dhtmlxcalendar.js> =;

-> = -;


.dhtmlxcalendar_ifr {





.dhtmlxcalendar_ifr {




Now I fixed it, but I just wondering whether am I right or not…

The existing solution is really can cause problems with some kinds of layout|initialization, we will definitely fix it in nearest time.
The provided solution may resolve problem in some situation, but still not universal solution.

As temporary solution , you can try to use version without iframe. (11.6 KB)