Calendar Week Plugin (TRY!)

Hello there,

want to give some stuff back to the Community.
I added the actuall Calendar Week as Information many times needed when it is all about giving or placing events with custumers, to talk about the same week.

Perhaps the word for it is differnet in english?!

Nevertheless here it is, simpla Javascript-Code to add anywhere in your page:


To take place you have to edit on of your templates, like (for example) for the day-view:

scheduler.templates.day_date_agenda = function(start,end,event){ return format(start)+" (KW "+kalenderwoche(start)+")"; }

Hope someone can use it :wink:

Bets wishes from .dE,

Good catch, somehow we have miss week number in default formatting options, and it can be really useful.

We will try to add such date-formating option in next version of scheduler.