I have a problem with form in combination with calendar field (in combination with dataStore and dataProcessor).

Even if I put a “dateFormat” and a “serverDateFormat” inside, I always get the values in JSON date format. When reloading it tells me “invalid date”. Sure, because it’s not “%Y-%m-%d” anymore.

Anybody knows how to get rid of this?



Known problem, please attach your completed demo


what do you mean with completed demo?
The development I am running in the problem or the dhtmlx files?

I mean, just a workaround would be fine for me.

Best regards

at least I need your version of dhtmlx.js to add a fix and some demo to reproduce the probelm and test a fix

direct link to demo with problem will also good, in this case I will write what to change and you can apply fix yourself, you also can send link to, please include link to this thread


thank you very much.
Since it’s pro-Version, I’ll get in touch by email.

Thanks and best regards

Dear Support Team,

I have encountered the same problem and send my dhtmlx.js file for correction by email.
Please notice.

Thank you very much.

This is fixed in V3.6

I have a same issue in current version.

{type: “calendar”, name: “dateTo”, label: “Дата выезда”, dateFormat: “%d-%m-%Y”, enableTime: false}

posted to server as “dateTo”:“2016-12-19T13:23:47.261Z”

receive from server as dateTo:“2016-12-19T13:23:47.261Z”

Product Name: dhtmlxSuite
Version: 5.0
Edition: Standard
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