we are using the excell_calendar component on a grid for a date of birth field but we have noticed that you cant quickly change the year. for example when they first double click the cell, it shows the current date but then if someone wants to put in a date of birth 60 years ago then they have to keep clicking the back button to go through all 12 months for all 60 years, therefore they are having to click the previous button 720 times, which of course is no good.

is there a way just to change the years to go back 60 years instantly


The calendar represented by excell_calendar is a YUI calendar, basically it can be adjusted in necessary way, but you can use “dhxCalendar” or “dhxCalendarA” excells ( which uses dhtmlxCalendar ) - in first you can change year directly by double-clicking it, second allows direct date typing

OK Thanks i will take a look at these.