Calender Date Format Bug


as soon as you add

myCalendar.setDateFormat(“%D, %d.%m.%Y”);

to this example … nputs.html the calender won’t be in the correct month.

For Example: You select 17th of September in the first and 17th of Dezember in the second. If you now click on the first calendar again it will show up with Dezember and not September.

Can’t reproduce the issue locally.
Do you get this result even in online sample?

lease, provide us type and version of you browser and OS.

did you add the code provided for the date format?

myCalendar.setDateFormat("%D, %d.%m.%Y");

OS Win 7
Browser: FF 15.0.1
Version of the calender: latest you provide for download


dhtmlxcalendar.js, line ~790
this.setDateFormat = function(format) {
add one more case:
case “D”: return “[a-z]{2}”;