Calender from.. too inactive dates


  1. I’m trying to set inactive all the dates past to the actual date (today) in one calender named “from”. (to not be able to select any past day).
  2. Then I need to inactive in the second calender named “to” all the dates before the selected date in calender “from”.

I tried to play only with “myCalendar.setInsensitiveRange(“2011-06-08”, null);” but instead of a fixed date I need to put the actual date.
Also I don’t know how to configure that for the second calendary.

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

There is online sample: … nputs.html

Hi Darya,

Thanks for the link, yes, it put me on the good way.

What I need now is to make appear the actual date by default in the cell “from” and the actual date +1day on the second cell “till”, and not definites dates like “2013-03-05” and “2013-03-20” in the sample. How can I do that?


Or better, not displaying anything by default.
Because there is like an “issue” in the sample given: You can’t choose a “from” date posterior to the “to” date.
I mean it works correctly on the other way: you can’t choose a “to” date anterior to a “from” date, but generally we first choose the “from” date and it would be better to be any possible right?

Calendar takes its date from input value. It there is no value - there is no date.
It seems like you need some other ligic on the client side.