Calender in grid defaulting to 12/31/1969

I have two grids where some of the cells are of type “dhxCalendar”. In one grid, the calendar works perfectly, always defaulting to today’s date. The second grid, it always defaults 12/31/1969. In the second case, the grid cell is already primed with a “variable name” such as {birthdate}. The user is supposed to click on it and then replace that with the chosen date.

Because the grid cell is not “blank” as in the first example, my guess is that it is trying to format {birthdate} and failing, so it defaults to 12/31/1969.

I tried to override this by attaching the “onDhxCalendarCreated” event, and resetting the date back today’s date, but it isn’t working.

Can you tell me how to have it ignore this initial placeholder setting (e.g., {birthdate}) and start with today’s date…?

It may have sense to fix the date parsing instead of just falling back to the today date
Try to add the next line to the grid’s init

first parameter - date how you want to see it in the grid
second - date as it is provided in the original data (in the xml)