Calender value return - mismatch

I have a form loaded from a grid which was loaded from datastore. I have a calender item type in form which date format is “%Y-%m-%d” and it show correctly. While saving the form, I got the date in the dataprocessor is the full date. For example if the date is 2010-09-17, the dataprocessor returned as ‘Fri Sep 17 2010 00:00:00’ . How to fix it?.

OK, there were 2 bugs in dhtmlxform_item_calendar.js and dhtmlxcalendar.js.

Fixed those and working fine now.
In item_calendar.js
the getValue function comparison for asString changed to false works fine.

In dhtmlxcalendar.js
getFormatedDate, commented the this._nullDate comparison and added below
if (date == ‘’ || date == undefined) return “”;