Call Slider event from linked input


I have a slider linked to input.

I’m using slider onChange event to trigger some actions.

I need to trigger the same actions in case slider position is changed via changing value inside linked input.

But neither onChange nor onSlideEnd events are fired.

How can I do this. (Adding onChange event handling into linked input is not v good for me for some reasons)

Thanks in advance.



you can use linkTo method. In this case it will be done automatically:

dhtmlxSlider/samples/02_itegrationwithform/03_slider_link.html ( … _link.html )

Now I have the answer.

This does not work in older versions of slider ( 2.1 including).

In version 2.5 this works OK.

Is it difficult for you to make a fix to version 2.0 or 2.1 to support this.
We are still using Layout and Grid and TreeGrid Pro of version 2.0
Including Slider of version 2.5 ingests a problem into DHTMLXTreeGrid drag node behaviour.

Attaching example of not working event in version 2.1.(modified version taken from your website).


dhtmlxSliderExample.rar (38.1 KB)

You can try to use the updated js file, which is attached to the post. (2.98 KB)

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