Callback after method + onselectEvent?

Is there a way to have a call back which will be called after the loading of tree element, like we have in 5.1 version of dhtmlxTree with onXLE event ?

Other question, when we select an element in the tree by keyboard navigation for exemple, the event ItemClick is not fired, is there a way to have a common event for click mouse event and keyboard navigation event ?


The callback is done through Promise objects now. If you look in you will notice that they have .then after the load function. That handles the callback; .catch handles errors that occur during loading the data.

(.catch after .then will also catch errors during the .then function. I discovered that when I had a .catch that was empty because I hadn’t decided what to do with it yet, and it was effectively suppressing the error I knew had to be in my .then function.)

Unfortunately, I can’t help with the second part of your question.

In case of the parse() method the data is loaded in the synchronous way, there is no need to use the “onload” event. You may just call the required code right after the parse() method:;

As for the onXLE event there is the Load event in the dhtmlx 6:
fires when items are loaded in a data collection

also you may use teh awaitRedraw function:
dhx.awaitRedraw().then(() => {

it allows to execute the required code rightg when the component redraws

What about the tree selection change you may use the selection events: