Callback of export function - unable to use templates


Since we need to save exported document to our server we are using callback function. But in that case template functions will not be applied on exported data. For attached example I am getting undefined message for columns with defined template. Is there a way of using templates for exported documents we want to save on server?

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It seems it’s impossible to perform it with current export api.

Elements added through gantt.addTaskLayer API will not be included in the export.
We plan to remove this restriction in one of the next updates.

Yes, I am aware of that restriction. What I want to say is that I am not getting the same document with callback function and without it. To be more precise I am getting the different results for grid’s columns. In the case of callback the result is ‘undefined’ while without callback the result is appropriate date. It seems that it ignores template function and it is trying to populate the grid with data properties that correspond to the IDs of the columns.

Sorry, I have missed this part.

Online service was updated, it works correctly for export with callback now.

STILL there is no answer from :

It was restarted and now must work for sure. There was an in issue with Google App migration, which is resolved now, so problem must not appear anymore.