Calling a function which 'll open a popup out of the tabbar

Hi everybody,
I load a page into my tab. On this page, i want to open a pop-up by clicking on a picture. The matter is the pop-up appears in the tabbar. I have tried to declare my function in the main page (where i have put the tabbar) and to use “parent.” in order to call the function from the page loaded in the tabbar. However, it does’nt work. Someone could help me please ?

Thank you.


Which loading mode you are using for content?
It seems that you are using one of iframe based modes - in case of iframes content of tab will not be able to overlay borders of tabbar.
You can try to change loading mode to the ajax-html, in such case all content will be included in the same page, and popup can overlay borders of tabbar.

Is it possible to use “iframes-on-demand”, and get object at the other tabbar? Thanks.


Could you please explain the issue in detail ?

I’m a new forum user and dhtmlx user.

You may help me.

I want to open a popup window when click on a button from a tool-bar.

my question is how declare the window for it be close when the open my web page and open when click on a tool-bar button. actually occur a javascript error. here is my code:

var dhxLayout;
var popupWindow;
var toolbar;
var dhxWins;
function doOnLoad() {
dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“parentId”, “3T”);
dhxLayout.cont.obj._offsetTop = 2;
dhxLayout.cont.obj._offsetHeight = -30;

dhxWins= new dhtmlXWindows();
//popupWindow = dhxLayout.dhxWins.createWindow(“win_buscar”, 50, 50, 800, 400);
popupWindow = dhxWins.createWindow(“win_buscar”, 10, 10, 800, 400);
popupWindow.setText(“Buscar Archivos”);

toolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(“toolbarObj”);
toolbar.addButton(“buscar”, 1, “Buscar…”, “001_37.png”);
toolbar.addSeparator(“sep1”, 2);
toolbar.addButton(“maximizar”, 3, “Maximizar”, “001_07.png”);
toolbar.attachEvent(“onClick”, function(id)
if (id==‘buscar’)


Method close() completely destroys a window. You may use hide() and show() methods if you want to use the same window.


Moreover, “close” button also destroys a window. So, to hide window when the “close” button clicked, you may use the following:

popupWindow.attachEvent(“onClose”, function(w){

Thank you very much.

It’s just i needed.


Could you Guys help me with this : How can i after submitting a form go to specific tab (page)?

You may use setTabActive(tabId) method to select a certain tab. setContentHref method can be used to load new page into a tab.