Calndar and Time


I have been trying to use your calendar and time columns without any success. I am very amazed that your documentation doesn’t mention them at all even though they are quite clearly parts of the software???

Can you please tell me what i am doing wrong as they are not working and the documentation says nothing.

I set a column to ‘calendar’ and import the dhtmlxGrid_excell_calendar.js

when i try to double click on the calendar cell it does nothing at all, and produces no javascript error.

when i import the dhtmlxGrid_excell_time.js fille, i get the following javascript error:

invalid range in character class: if(res)val = “00:00”;else{var re = new RegExp("[0-9]+[\./;-,_\]\[?: ][0-9]+",“i”)

i would like some help and would be extremely grateful if you could send me some documentation that includes all uses of your software.

Both time and calendar excell doesn’t require any additional steps except including related excell files and specifing column type
     for YUI calendar you will need to specify pat to folders with js and css files of YUI calendar

Please reffer to

Problem with time excell confirmed and fixed - please use attached file instead of original one. (671 Bytes)