Can 3 dates be used in Gantt chart?

How to solve the question of plotting 3 dates in the Gantt chart?

Right now as I understand there is only the start date + duration.

but I want to add a date so that its showing start date + expected duration + actual duration?

kind of adding another indicator into the Gantt bar there, how can this be done? as long as 3 dates can be applied, the layout isnt important.

so its start date, duration = (planned complete date - start date) and then some way to indicate the actual complete date, if its finished. if not then its not applied. some projects are overdue, they start in say 1/1/2014 planned complete 3/1/2014 actual complete 8/1/2014; so the duration here would be 1/1 to 8/1 but how to mark out the planned date?

although there is no predefined templates for such indicators, you can add custom elements to the timeline area to reflect all needed properties.
For example: … lines.html … dline.html

yes this is helpful, thanks!

i wasnt able to add the baseline because am not sure how to add the data. xml_date ?? am still trying …

what does it mean in the data array section called “links” ??

links: [
{ id: 1, source: 1, target: 2, type: “1” },
{ id: 2, source: 2, target: 3, type: “0” },
{ id: 3, source: 3, target: 4, type: “0” },
{ id: 4, source: 2, target: 5, type: “2” },

what does this mean? am searching and searching documentation, so far havent found it


it depends what you have on a backend, i.e. how do you form the data feed which is loaded into gantt. If it’s php - please check this example in your package, you can use the exactly same approach … lines.html

These the relations between tasks - finish to start, finish to finish, etc.