Can a clickable date in Month switch to date in Day view?

Tried to search for the answer on the forum, but searching the forum still sucks.

I think I even saw a demo picture that had a month view and the numbers of the dates were clickable links. It makes sense that they would be or could be clickable links, yes?

And, of course, when you clicked on the date, it would take you to the Day view for that date. That seems obvious.

I looked for something in the config to turn this on. Is it a template thing? Something else? It has to be possible, yes? But how?

it can be done with ‘active_links’ extension, check following example

Thanks. And if you can let me know how I could have found this myself, that would be great. Try to do a search on something like “click on date links” and you can see for yourself how completely useless the search results are.

here is a small list of scheduler extensions … :behaviors