Can a dhtmlxwindow be simulated as a javascript confirm box?

I am working on an implementation using dhtmlxwindows.

I intend to simulate a javascript confirm box with a custom message and custom OK/Cancel buttons.

I have a function which takes in a message as an input parameter say for example openWindow(message).

I then initialize a dhtmlxwindow with an attached div which contains the aforementioned message & custom buttons.

I also have written 2 event listeners for the OK and Cancel buttons which close the dhx window using the hide().

I see the window open up fine and close if OK or Cancel are pressed.

However, I also want to return a true if OK is clicked and false if Cancel is clicked.

so that I can invoke it as

function doSomething()


var value = openWindow(“Are you sure?”);

if (value == true)

// do something else




Can you assist me?


Rahul Kulkarni

dhtmlxWindow can not stop script like default confirm/alert message.

You can use it like this:

<div id=“confirmWindowContent”…>
    confirmation text