Can a Layout support fluid?

dhmlx layout can support fluid?

if support , when dhtmlx layout attach the others dhtmlx compment ,the others dhtmlx compemnt fluid also?

What exactly feature do you mean under “fluid”? Please, clarify

that is …
when i change the browse size ,dhtmlx layout can also adjust dhtmlxLayoutSelf.
if can,the grid attach in dhtmlxout can be resize to match the browse too?

There is fullscreen layout mode: … creen.html
If you attach grid via attachGrid method it will resize relative to layout cell. Try on this sample with the cell A: … _grid.html

that’s not answer.but thx very much.

Sorry, may be i didn’t understand you.
Please check attached demo. Resize browser window and cell with grid will resize too.
Hope it answers your question. If not please correct me. (407 KB)