Can display the scheduler for some specific dates?

I am looking for a web scheduler component for our project. The dhtmlxScheduler looks well. But we have some special requirement:

  • Does the dhtmlxScheduler support displaying the scheduler for some specific dates? For example, display the scheduler for 2013/03/11 and 2013/03/17. The date is discontinuous.
  • Can I extend the properties of the event and customize the event edit page?
  • Does the dhtmlxScheduler support zoom in/out the time line? I means the minimal time gap can be changed dynamically (from 1 min to 60 mins)

Appreciate any suggestion and help.

a) You can create a view for fixed set of dates, for two days for example, but they must be the adjusted day ( you can can show today and tomorrow, but you can’t show yesterday and tomorrow ) - it is not possible to remove some days in between and show only start and end dates.

b) you can add custom fields, custom editor or use custom form … tails_form … ustom_form

c) yep, you can reconfigure scheduler on the fly ( there is no UI for such task, but it can be done through API )