Can grid footer be attached to the last visible row in the g


The grid footer currently gets attached to th ebottom of the grid div rather than to the last row of the grid. For example, if your grid div height is say 700px andeyour grid only contains 2 rows, the footer will be way down after (700px) from your grid, it is hard to recognize the alignment between the footer cells and the last row cells if you know what I mean.

Is it possible to attach the footer to be immediately after the last row?



Is it possible to attach the footer to be immediately after the last row?

Grid can work in auto height mode, in such case real height of grid will be defined by its content ( so footer will be attached to data of grid in any case )

    mygrid.enableAutoHeight(true); // full autoheight mode
    mygrid.enableAutoHeight(true,700); //autoheight with max limit of 700px height, after that grid will show vertical scrollbar for data part.


i am using the professional version von dhtmlxTreeGrid, and this function does not work. Even in Your samnple it does not Work. The sample is “treeGrid_basic.html”. First there is a failure in your code. In the Jvascriptcode of this sample in line 96 stands mygrid.enableAutoHeigth(true);. In your doce the command is mygrid.enableAutoHeight(true);. But both versions does not work. Can you report me how to use this function?

Regards, Marcel

The sample code is incorrect and we will fix it, but it must not produce any error, the component use enableAutoHeigth as alias forenableAutoHeight

>> The sample is “treeGrid_basic.html”.
This is the same sample as in TreeGrid package, and as you can see - it works. When branch of grid expanded|collapsed - height of grid updated to prevent verticall scroll. … 9667222000

>>how to use this function?
Just call this method before loading data in Grid||TreeGrid

OK, if i add a new row, the hight will be updatet, but is it possible, to update the hight directly after deleting a row?


You can update view after any action by calling