can I add column more than 20 column?


I got problem when I try to add row with more than 20 column, the column 20 does’nt recognise the script show error

mygrid.cells(rowId,20) is undefined

and here my addRow function

mygrid.addRow(rid,",,"+dijamin+","+nama_brg+","+qty+","+satuan+","+harga.replace(/[\.,]/g, '')+","+tuslah+",,"+signa+","+signaplus+","+dosis+","+warning+","+kode_brg+",,"+jamin+","+stok+","+harga_std+","+escape(kode_satuan)+",test,test,test,test",-1);

when I inspect Element, dhtmlxgrid create the column but not the value you can see on this picture



PS: I generate grid with dhtmlXGridFromTable

Column index in Grid is zero-based. So last column has “19” index