can i build such complex custom form ?

can i build such complex custom form using dhtmlx form and other components?
how can i use dhtmlx’s form , layout, menu,toolbar,tabbar to build such form? should i attach some type layout to dhtmls’s form to build my rough frame?
can you kindly give some suggestions and ideas?

You can attach from to layout or tabbar, but it impossible to place different items of from in one row.

No, it is not impossible, as you can see here:

Hi JazzyXun

Can you share how to do it ??


i want to know also the solution :wink:

Ja, ich auch, bitte.

Well Guy’s,

it is quiet easy. You have to build a table with div-tags in the cells. The table is resonsible for the layout of such a complex form. Afterwards you can merge the div-tags with a dhtmlxcombo. For inputfields, just use the input-tag provided by html. You can add onChange-Events for dhtmlxcombo as easy as for the input-tags! In this way it is also easy to create radio or checkboxes.
Hope it is clear now.

Das ist ganz toll! Sie sind kluger.

Vielen dank.

Btw, dhtmlxForm 3.0 beta was released yesterday, which now supports multi-column feature:

Any way, Thanks JazzyXun.