Can I change the "day of the week" screen?

  1. Can I make the “time timeline” mode a “day of the week” screen like the image?

  2. And can I freely use the drag function?
    example : jQuery/javascript Grid drag and drop rows within a single grid

You can try to make a step customization. in the header config please, try to define a format from date-fns. Something like:

    id: "hour_timeline",
    label: "Hour Timeline",
    layout: "timeline",
    config: {
      unassignedCol: true,
      step: [1, "hour"],
      header: [
        { unit: "day", step: 1, format: "do" },
        { unit: "hour", step: 1, format: "H" },
      //  ... you can add as much headers as you need
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